Here’s the link to make a donation, but read our exciting plans below first:

School Life has ‘qualified’ for the following BAFTA Award categories:  Best Documentary, Best Director, Best Editing and Best Music Score.

To be ‘qualified’ means that we are eligible for those categories but we now have to convince the British Academy of Film and Television members to vote for us.  The first step is to get onto the ‘nomination’ list (usually 5 films) in any of these categories, which is announced in January, and then to try and win at the Awards Ceremony in February.

There are 6,500 members of BAFTA, and all of them are allowed to vote for the nomination lists and for the final winners, although for Best Documentary, it will be mostly what they call the Documentary Chapter.

We have to communicate with as many of 6,000+ members as possible, and send screening copies to them.  To print and post 5,000 DVD screeners of School Life, will cost us about €10,000 (€4,000 in duplication costs, €6,000 in postage and envelopes, plus €500 to pay someone for a week to do the envelope stuffing and mail-outs).

We would like to ask any friends and fans of School Life to support this BAFTA campaign, and the easiest way is to ask for donations, which we will ONLY spend on DVD duplication, envelopes and postage. We will also send everyone who donates, a print-out of the total amount we raised, and how we spent it, from the Paypal account at the end of the campaign, without any names and amounts of individuals donors (for obvious reasons).

Here’s the link again:  or just go to Paypal and make a donation to

We are allowed to start sending out DVD screeners immediately, to BAFTA members, so we’d like to start straight away with this.

Please pass the link on to anyone you know who you think might help.  And of course, if you know any BAFTA members personally, please let them know.

And here’s to a successful BAFTA campaign for School Life.


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